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A little about our Flying Site

Field From Air

This photo was taken by Cinergy’s Gary Hutcheson.  Gary and Cinergy
joined our club to perform testing of their AutoCopter autonomous
helicopter system.

Our field is located on the West edge of Plainfield, off of US 40
at 39 deg. 41.392 min. North latitude x 86 deg. 24.356 min. West
longitude. A satellite photo cane be found here from Terraserver.

 The Screaming Eagles R/C Club’s Field consists of the following:

350′ X 24′ Asphalt Runway; 500′ X 36′ Cut Grass Runway (next to Asphalt), 180′ Asphalt

Pits, 100′ Grass Pits, 2 Asphalt taxiways, 3 Cut Grass Taxiways, 60′ Control

Line Circle, Shelter House with plenty of picnic tables, Frequency Board, Trash Bin, Port

‘O John, and lots of great members.  The asphalt makes our site a
very nice area to fly all year and in any weather. 

We are located on Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility grounds
(formerly known as the Indiana Boy’s School), so we have to abide by some rules set up by them like no alcohol and no flying

before noon on Sunday without prior consent, but they let us use a great area to have a

flying club. We have a field with only a few trees and lots of open sky.

The area has some other advantages too, like the Indiana State Police Academy is right

next door. They have both a driving course and a shooting range. This means that we’re not

the first thing people look at when they say ‘Noise Problem’.

Another advantage is that our field is surrounded on three sides by farmed fields, but

the farmers can’t plant corn because it would be too easy for an escapee to hide in. This

suits us fine, because I don’t like what the corn does to an airplane (although the

beans/weeds have been pretty bad in the last couple of years).

Although we do require you to be a member or a guest of a member to fly, everyone is

invited out to the field. You take U.S. 40 to the west side of Plainfield and turn South

at the historic Indiana Boy’s School sign on the side of the hill. You go straight at the

stop sign and follow the paved road around to our entrance on the left; you can’t miss us

(we turn on our hazard lights from the stop sign to our drive to tell the guards we’re

going to the field).

We had a summer flight program involving some of the boys when the
facility was the Boy’s School. One

evening a week during the summer, a group of 10 to 12 boys come out to the field and we

get to teach them a little about our hobby. We had a trainer on a buddy box and
would take them

up for a couple of minutes at a time, usually about three flights each. We
would get a new group

each week, so each student only gets five or ten minutes of stick time, but for some of

these kids it’s enough to show they’re a natural. We gave them all a flight certificate

and thank them for coming out. It’s not much since some of them are only in there because

they don’t have anywhere else to go, but It gives them a chance to try out our hobby and

take some of the mystery out of those little planes they keep seeing flying around outside

their windows.  Now that the facility has been changed to the
Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility, we are working to find a way
to continue this sort of program.

Follow this to get a map

to the Entrance of the Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility,
formerly known as the Indiana

Boy’s School, in Plainfield, IN,

complete with driving directions

from anywhere (almost).

Courtesy of

mapquest logo

Once you’re at the Entrance to the
Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility, follow

the road back:

map.gif (24935 bytes)