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Web Page By
Andy Clark

Screaming Eagles R/C Club

Plainfield, Indiana


Winter of 1999



Welcome to the Home Page of the Screaming Eagles. We are located on the west side of
Indianapolis, behind the Plainfield
Re-Entry Educational Facility
(formerly know as the
Indiana Boy’s School) in Plainfield, Indiana. We are a Model Aircraft Club that caters to
the sport flyer. We have all kinds of flyers in our club; we have trainers,
sport/recreational flyers, scale flyers, pattern flyers, fun-flyers, pylon racers, ducted
fans (of course they only come out a couple times a year), helicopter flyers, and we’ve
recently added a new and improved Control Line area.

The main purpose of our club is to give our members a place to fly. We do have the
occasional club functions, fly-ins, contests, and such, but what we have more often is
just plain flying.

The main purpose of this web page is information. There are pages out there to instruct
and inform newbies about R/C, so that’s not my purpose. I made this page to let people
know about our club, and to show off some planes. If you’re in the Indianapolis area and
new to the hobby or wanted to check out the hobby, check us out. If you’re new to the
Indianapolis area and an avid flyer, check us out. If you’re just interested in seeing
some cool R/C stuff, check out more of our web site.

Any contributions to our club newsletter, or information about events
should go to

11 March, 2006